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This mind-body snack works well whether your feelings are super hungry and falling down or they feel so full they could explode.

To do the pretzel squeeze, wrap your legs together. Fold your arms across your chest, like you are hugging yourself, as far as you can reach.

When you as twisty as you can get, SQUEEZE HARD!

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Just a heads up, you need to use them on a bare floor or linoleum.

When I was a kid my friends and I would stick tacks into the soles of our shoes to produce a sound like tap dancing.

Here's a safer and better sounding alternative from

Find a pair of old shoes and glue pennies to the toe and the heel. With hot glue, the pennies should be able to be removed later.

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Ready to do some more mindful heavy lifting! This task engages the Limbic system and encourages mid-brain action.

Look around and find some nonbreakable random objects. Attempt to stack them in a tower. Might one order of stacking work but not another? How many random objects can you stack?

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