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To begin, find two pictures you can cut out and paste together on a blank sheet of paper.

Then draw around the collage to create a background setting!

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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

There is a possibility children are distanced a good six-to-ten feet away their own brains at this point. School is out for a while month. The disruption in their daily lives is magnified by the nation's altered social intercourse. When fear and uncertainty preside, children retreat to their brain stems and developing cognition is neglected.

Aside from consistent love and reassurance, there are some exercises that can get a brain back in position to be the body's largest muscle (it's actually not).

Parents are highly encouraged to practice the mindful exercises shared here in the coming weeks, either with their children or on their own. All target mid-brain action and facilitate forward thinking.

Mindful Exercise #1


Throwing one at a time, attempt to throw playing cards all the way across the room.

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If you stocked up on toilet paper, this one's for you!

1) Find a clean box top or cardboard box cut down to a similar size.

2) Rustle up cardboard tubes and glue them lying down on the cardboard in different directions, with both ends accessible.

3) Add a marble or small ball and turn the construction into an obstacle course! Label the tunnels by color and create colored cards to find the path to follow!

Or, if you have a lot of tape to burn and a good vertical surface, a gravity-directed maze is fun too!

Really ambitious? Trim the rims from heavy-duty paper plates. Cut various lengths and overlap to form a single spiraled track. Use cardboard tubes for support.

Let's create: Marble Coaster.

(2012, September). Family Fun

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