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Jacqueline Bouchard, Director

"Miss Jackie" (as the kids call her) first came to  VASP in 2019 as a teaching assistant. She fell in love with the program and the kids and has stayed with VASP since then. With a BS in Psychology, teaching experience, administrative skills, CPR and First Aid Certifications, and a patient and playful approach to child care, Jackie is now the Director of VASP. 


What parents say:

"Jackie's enthusiasm and capability are assets to VASP."

"My kids love her."

"I continue to be

impressed by

the good work

that Jackie



"Jackie is a keeper."

What kids say:

"She's really nice!"


"Good at keeping

the rules."

"Treats us fairly."

"Keeps watch over everyone."

NOTE:  For the remaining weeks of the current school year, Jackie will be the only staff person at VASP. She will be in charge of 10 children with assistance from volunteers. Over the summer, Jackie will plan for the next school year and will recruit and hire additional staff members.  

Email the Director at:

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